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Welcome to Azharinoo

Azharinoo is an online Academy provides Arabic and Quraan lessons for you and your children through Arabic Native teachers From Azhar and Egypt  .

Azharinoo founded by a team of Islamic scholars in 2019, With a Proffesional Staff which have many years of Experiance in Quraan and Arabic Learning For Kids and Youth.
If you are interested in Arabic, learn Quran, Islamic studies; and you want to learn a comforting way without leaving your house. Do not be indecisive, take your decision and join us immediately for our online classes.


About Azharinoo School

Azharinoo School was established for children from 5 years to 11 years old, where we teach Islamic curricula for children from the KG to the sixth grade  in a scientific and graduated manner, at the hands of specialists from Al-Azhar, and our Islamic curricula include (Arabic language, the Qur’an, Islamic studies, Hadith , Biography of the Prophet and stories of the prophets).

The study in Azharinoo School includes 3 semesters -and a summer plus semester (optional) -, and the semester duration is 3 months, where the student studies from 3 to 5 subjects depending on the school stage.

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