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Steps to Enroll ..

1-Fill the Form in the bottom of this page According to your Choice ( Azharinoo Academy or Azharinoo School )
2-We will send an email with all the details.
3-The e-mail contains the payment method, where you can pay via Paypal, Visa or MasterCard
4- After payment, we will send your own username and password on our platform and also send the link which you can learn and attend the virtual classes with Our teacher.

The difference between Azharino Academy and Azharino School is that the academy is suitable for adults and children and is not related to a semester where you can choose the course you want to learn in any subject without linking to a certain number of subjects. For example, you can learn the Quran only, the hadith only, or the Arabic language only. The learner pays for the course taught every month or every 3 months.

But Azharino School is for children only without adults, as the child is linked to a specific curriculum and the number of specific subjects per year. The school is divided into 3 semesters in the academic year. (The student can start the school year at any time) and then commit until the end of the semester. And the guardian pays the fees for the school year in one payment, and the costs can be divided into 3 semesters

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